The weather’s taken a turn for the colder in the mountains, so I’m off to do some snowboarding tomorrow & Friday. I’ve only snowboarded once before, and my memory is that I had fun, but my tailbone hurt a surprising amount after a day on the slopes. I’m taking a lesson or two this week, so I’m hopeful I can minimize the pain.

I’m starting to feel pretty settled in my apartment, and made even more progress yesterday as I solved one of the things that was hounding me for months. My bed squeaked. Really loudly. And not just when I jumped on it or anything, it squeaked when I rolled over, when I breathed, or when I looked at it funny. I’d tried on several occassions to isolate the noisemaking parts, but to no avail. Finally, I got a can of 3-in-1 yesterday and found the culprits (boards under the mattress – it’s a Murphy bed). Last night’s was a blissful, squeak-free sleep.

I’m thinking about getting a TV. I’ve been without since May, and mostly don’t miss it, but occassionally I do. Not sure if I’ll opt for a Craig’s List Special or go all out and buy a nice, new, fancy one.

Lastly, you can hear an interview with Tova about her art over at ArtFilmDesign.

posted December 28, 2005 – 9:49 pm
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