Many of you know my biggest disappointment with Seattle is the stunning lack of good ice cream (gelato doesn’t count, and neither does Cold Stone). Though I’m a ways away from opening up my own store, a friend and I did make our own ice cream last night – cinnamon pear. It was excellent, and I’m on the lookout for a used ice cream maker so I can continue the experiment on my own. My grandparents used to have one of these – wonder if they ever come up on Craigslist.

We also went yesterday to The Fair in Puyallup, in search of deep-fried goodness. Though we ate reasonably well, it wasn’t the bounty I was hoping for – where were the deep-fried twinkies, oreos, and snickers bars I’d been promised? The mutton bustin’ did go a long way to offset the dearth of 3000 calorie foodstuffs, though. Check out some pictures here.

For those of you keeping score at home, I ate a donut for breakfast yesterday, in addition to the corn fritters, funnel cake, french fries, burger and salt water taffy that comprised lunch at the fair, and then had ice cream for dinner. Grown-up’s prerogative?

posted September 17, 2007 – 10:32 am
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