It’s been a little more than two months since the layoff, and a little less than a month since I started looking for work in earnest. I’ve noticed my level of motivation started significantly lower than the last time I was looking for work (two years ago when I moved to Seattle). Fortunately, I’ve found some good leads early on, which not only get me more excited about the search, may actually pan out into jobs. I’ve had a couple interviews already and more scheduled.

Work on the light machine has gone well, and it’s 99% done. Pictures soon.

Two weekends ago, Jared & Chika and I went out to North Bend to Bybee-Nims Farms for some blueberry picking. We came home with over 16 pounds of blueberries (!), so the ensuing week involved a fair amount of baking. You can see our haul and the results here.

Shadrach continues to be fun, and we’re gearing up for Sectionals in a couple weeks. We should finish second and continue on to Regionals, but you never know.

posted September 11, 2007 – 10:08 am
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