Unfortunately, my D70 has been exhibiting some problems lately. Starting a couple months ago, it would occasionally show ‘CHA’ on the LCD instead of the number of images remaining, and wouldn’t record pictures until I cycled the power. I read a bit about this on the inter-webs, and that seemed to implicate my CF memory card. However, when I bought a new one yesterday, it had the same issue. Now the only question is whether this can be fixed by cleaning the contacts on the CF card slot as Nikon technical support suggests, or whether it’s a bigger electrical issue.

As you can imagine, I’m not too excited by the prospect of sending my camera away for a couple weeks to get the contacts cleaned and paying a bunch of money for that privilege. Instead, I’m thinking I might try to clean the contacts myself (especially given Mike & my recent success fixing his point and shoot). And while I’m mucking around in there, I might just add an electrical shutter release jack (like these guys do), since the D70 doesn’t have one.

posted December 27, 2007 – 12:39 pm
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