My body’s taken quite a beating in the last couple weeks: a sprained ankle, bruised hand, dislocated AC joint (shoulder), and about 8-10 bee/hornet stings. Not so fun! That makes me a little glad the frisbee season’s over and very glad that recovery can begin in earnest (the ankle’s been bothering me for quite a while).

And yes, for better or worse, the frisbee season is over for Shadrach. We had a fairly mediocre showing at Sectionals this weekend, and lost by two points in the game-to-go against local rivals Moonshine. Though my feelings about being done with frisbee for the year are definitely mixed, I was disappointed not to have played in our games Sunday (after the shoulder injury late Saturday).

What’s next? There may be a trip to the Bay Area in my future (probably the weekend I was planning on going to Corvalis for Regionals), and I’ll put in some more time on the robot arm project, but beyond that, I’m not sure, exactly.

posted September 22, 2008 – 9:27 am
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