I feel like I’ve said “I’m glad to be back home in Seattle,” so many times this year. I guess I have, it’s still true, and I’ll say it again: I’m glad to be back home in Seattle. In recent months, I’ve been to China, Argentina, Chile (very briefly), and just this past weekend, Buffalo, NY. In reverse order, the trips were great (Buffalo), great (South America), and just fine (China).

I think my friends Barrett & Gadi singlehandedly gave the Buffalo economy a serious bump this past weekend. Both are natives, and set up the festivities to take advantage of what the city has to offer – gorgeous architecture, wings, and (because of the wedding) a fantastic collection of people.

It also worked out quite well to meet up with Matt in Buffalo (he graciously made the 3 hour drive up from Pittsburgh), and we ate more wings, saw a pretty big waterfall, and had some quality Zucker-brother time. Lots more Buffalo pics here.

After a winter & spring of seemingly perpetual travel, it did occur to me it was a little crazy to voluntarily get on a plane for 18 hours to Buenos Aires in April, but both the destination and the people there made it a 100% worthwhile endeavor.

I spent a fanastic week in the city with Drew, Whit, and Claire. We ate superbly, saw plenty of sights, drank some great wine, and generally enjoyed each others company. Highlights included some fantastic barbecues, and this awesome tour of street art in Buenos Aires.

From there, Drew, Claire & I took off for a long weekend in Mendoza. Had we planned a smidge more, we might have realized it was Labor Day, but then we might not have experienced the brilliance that was the thermal baths in Cacheuta, the only remotely local attraction open May 1st, and an amazing place to spend a lazy day.

We did get out to a couple bodegas the next day, and enjoyed a fine meal at Familia Zuccardi. Claire and I also enjoyed the bus ride from Mendoza to Santiago, which traverses the Andes in most dramatic fashion. I have a bunch more photos from Argentina pics up here

Offered without commentary beyond “three weeks is an awful long business trip” are pictures from a Hong Kong/China trip in late March.

posted June 4, 2010 – 3:11 pm
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