Happy Sunday, friends & Internets!

In one week, I will be in Seattle, and so will Drew, for the first time in about six months. By then, I will know if I made the cut for the new Seattle co-ed club ultimate frisbee team, Swagger. Not sure if it’s a good or bad sign I’m currently featured in pink pajamas on their front page…

In two weeks, I will be on a plane, bound for China. If all goes well (by no means a guarantee), this will be my last trip for my current project, and also the last for a good few months. The prospect of spending the summer in Seattle is truly delightful.

In three weeks, I will be in New York City, having flown directly from China, for my grandfather’s memorial service (more on that later). Though not the most joyous occasion, it will be nice to see family and celebrate his life.

In four weeks, I will be playing at Potlatch the always-epic ultimate frisbee tournament. This year, I’ve put together an amazing group of people for a team themed around awesome sunglasses.

In five weeks, summer will be in full swing. I will either be playing lots of ultimate, or have plenty of free time to enjoy the best season in the Northwest. Either way, I like the way the future is shaping up.

posted June 6, 2010 – 4:16 pm
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