A month and a half later, and I’m in Taipei again. It’s been rainy here.

Rainy Taipei streetcorner

Leading up to the trip, I was happy to just be home for a six week stretch. I took full advantage of time in Seattle, digging in a bit more in the woodworking shop, having Matt out to visit (and provide some much-needed help with the robot arm), celebrating my birthday and pi day, and seeing some great local theatre. Having a bit of advanced notice of this trip and a solid chunk of time at home in advance has made travel much more bearable than say, the same time last year.

So for the past 8 days, I’ve been having fun wandering around Taipei in search of tools and components to build up a sous vide cooker for my friends here, and also playing with my new camera. The steak came out great, and so far, the photographs have, too (just posted the above street scene for now, more to come soon). It does make me a little nostalgic to retire the D70, but in the end it’s a tool more than anything else, and the D90 is a big step up in a few key ways.

Drew and I just go word that our backcountry application for the Enchantments went through — lots more people apply than the wilderness area can support, so they hold a lottery each year to grant permits — and I’m really looking forward to bringing the new camera up there. Last time we were in that neck of the woods, the scenery and weather graciously obliged and we got some great shots. Here’s hoping for the same this summer.

posted March 30, 2011 – 9:11 am
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