After about 8 years, I’m moving back to Boston.

More specifically, we are moving to Boston, come this September; Dina has a great job lined up there, and I have no doubt I’ll figure out some way to keep busy. It’s decided, and the wheels have very much been set in motion.

Aerial view of Seattle

I’m not quite ready to write the goodbye-to-Seattle post — for starters, we’re not leaving for a few more months, and anyway I think I’m not quite ready to say goodbye. But, let this serve as notice to you, Internets — we don’t have that much longer in Seattle. Visit us here soon, think about where we should go just one more time (if not more than once), suggest some fun day trips for before we leave but after we’re done with our jobs, and help us think of an appropriate way to say “farewell” (at least for now) to this wonderful place.

posted April 24, 2013 – 4:29 pm
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