I had a blast talking about Sir Mix-a-Bot at Ignite Seattle last week. I think my presentation was well-received, and once I rebooted the computer, the demo of the bartender in the lobby during intermission was a big hit. Tons of fun — I’d totally recommend attending an Ignite event and speaking at one, too, if you have the opportunity. I’m looking forward to seeing video of the event, which I’m told is coming soon.

This coming weekend, we’re gearing up for Ski to Sea, an adventure relay race that will take our team of 8 from Mt. Baker to Bellingham Bay.

Ski to Sea Course Map

It feels a very Seattle/Northwest thing to do, and it really marks the beginning of the send-off era for us. Our departure is coming right up, and it’s hard not to feel like every weekend (especially one where Dina isn’t working) is precious; a long weekend getaway to a house on the coast and an adventure race with close friends seems a perfect thing to do with this one.

You might have noticed that this website was down for a little while. There were some issues on the server, and it basically means I have to restore the site, file-by-file, from a backup. It’s happening, but in dribs and drabs, so much of the content is missing or moved around for now. This is also a good prompt to reorganize a bit, so not everything will necessarily end up in the same place (or even back up at all) — expect some broken images/links along the way. Feel free to drop me a line in the meantime.

posted May 20, 2013 – 12:03 pm
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